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Seamlessly build your models to run on code execution platform in an environment that simulates on-board edge computer.


Evaluate model behavior on sample & simulated sensor data. Optimize for on-board resource  utilization.


Iterate through pre-defined & custom pre-processing pipelines to enhance model's performance and accuracy.


Uplink your model to satellites of your choice. Commission  and monitor their functioning using execution logs & intermediate products.


Keep your models up-to-date & configure pipelines on the go at anytime. Reliably patch, configure or replace models & dependencies.


Command your model to run on data  captured at a place &  time of your choice. Integrate into your product through REST APIs.

Product Brochures

STORM comprises of an optimized Linux OS, with middleware to orchestrate workflows in atomic units of tasks. Pre-built task templates are available for EO, SAR and RF pre-processing and runtimes for AI/ML model frameworks.
SURGE is your Smart Satellite builder - select the sensor of your choice, pick a workflow or customize pre-built templates, add your logic as python scripts or ONNX models and execute it from your browser.


Platform Walkthrough

The development team gives an overview of SURGE, taking you through the submission workflow step-by-step.

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Learn to submit standardized repositories into SURGE, understand edge environments and more.
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